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Tops Sharing your photos for free

Posted in Site Review by scrapman on November 17, 2009

Say for instance you took a total of 2000 pictures during that daring adventure you went on and needed to show them to your mom on the other side of the world. Tried methods such as attaching using the email file attachment tool, blogging and uploading the photos several times in a row can be time consuming and not to mention, such a nuisance because all you wanted was a faster way to share your pictures with everyone you know. You go online and discover something fairly new: the use of free unlimited image or Photo Hosting. Image or photo hosting is the idea of sharing your photos over an internet server for the purpose of presenting your photos in albums or galleries at an easier point of access for people you would want to show it to. Free and unlimited accounts strive for no bandwidth limit, eternal space for uploading media and maximum utilization of the file extensions (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, etc.). Most of these sites also have the option to automatically share photos over at any social networking website that you are also already a member of. While other sites struggle, having a free unlimited image hosting means that no matter how many times other people view or download the pictures, there will be no restrictions and banning.

Free unlimited image hosting is one of a photo blogger’s dream come true since there is no fear that all the pretty pictures could be turned into pre-fixed slates that indicate photos have either been hot linked or deleted due to the lack of space. Hotlinking is also known as bandwidth theft wherein an image on one site has been copied onto a second site thus generating loss of bandwidth with every click of the mouse on the picture with the inline link.

With this tool of hosting, putting up pictures on blogs and forums hosting will prove to be a great deal of ease. Instead of uploading your photos one at a time, there is an option for multiple uploads and this can be easily exported to the different other sites that you would want to post them using just the URL link.

With consideration, how can one say that that is enough space when it can fit up to perpetual files without question? Having free unlimited image hosting is a great idea, but poses more threats and danger when it comes to lurkers on the internet. Having no limitations from the free unlimited image hosting sites does not stop your photos from being stolen or taken advantage of without any consent. There are several known repercussions about having your personal photos displayed on the internet especially when people get to generate a hit on search engines. Not all sites are susceptible to these kinds of petty anomalies but it is better to already take a few steps of precaution in any matter that could arise from this.


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