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Posted in Peristiwa by scrapman on Oktober 5, 2009

What is Hosting?

HOSTING is the provision of web server space and services for your domain. Your web site files are stored there and there are many different services that can be added as needed. The following services provided by Grow are explained below.

Support can be critical. Most hosts offer some sort of online help pages and control panel to manage your domain yourself. We offer a more traditional service with a choice of: help pages, e-mail support, arranged instant messenger support or telephone support. Read more…
Free Vs Paid hosting

The benefits of free hosting is obvious but the downside is that visitors will often be confronted by pop-ups and enforced advertising on the site. Although the cost is minimal it also means there will usually be bandwidth or traffic limits and slower download time for visitors. Free hosts are worth considering depending on your intended use but there is no such thing as a free lunch for the so-called ‘free’ hosting sites.
Web Server Space

Space is the size of the disk space you can use. Most sites will not need more than 10Mb (mega-bytes) of space. We offer a minimum of 200Mb of space.

* Web hosting resources


Bandwidth or traffic is the amount of information or files requested by visitors and downloaded from your site. Some paid hosts place limits on this which can be reached very quickly if your site is successful. There are no limits set at Grow.
Scripting Support

Scripting support such as a cgi-bin allow you to run specific server-side processes like managing form returns, delivering the content of a database to your site and e-commerce. The intended use of your site will effect this and there are many different tools that can be employed. Most web sites need minimal scripting support which is usually included in a package like does. However, ask your web designer or contact us for more information.
Linux/Unix vs. WinNT Servers

Any comment on the benefits or drawbacks of each is purely subjective. It is soley determined by the funcionailty of the website you wish to build. Example: if you want to use ASP (Active Server Pages) to include a Microsoft Access database or MSSQL database then you need a WinNT server. However, if you wish to use PHP with MySQL then you need a Unix/Linux server.

As a supplier Grow has no preference outside of the demands of our projects but a Linux server has the benefit of an open source software community behind it with many tools developed by that community.
Visitor Statistics

Visitor Statistics is resources will give you an insight into how many visitors you get, where they come from, what pages they view and how long they stay. It can be very useful for analysing traffic and getting more.

E-mail forwarding is offered by every paid host but you can also choose to have POP3 e-mail account(s) that you can access and use from any e-mail program like Microsoft Outlook Express. You can also have multiple e-mail accounts all for members!
FTP / Uploading your site

FTP or File Transfer Protocol should also be included in any hosting package. This is the means by which web pages and components are uploaded to the host server using a specialist program like Filezilla or any of the web design applications like Macromedia Dreamweaver. more info please visit to


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